Is a Solar House in Your Future?

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For those of you who are living in a solar powered house and living off the grid. I salute you. For those of you who generate more power than you use and sell energy in reverse back to the Electrical Grid, well let’s just say that; You are my hero.

Some people use solar power for only some things in their home and this is great if you are using solar power to do so many things around your home, even if you are not using solar for everything.

It is a start and a good one at that. I have a relative living in Eureka, CA up on the Mountain above the Fog Bank and he is pure solar, for his shop and home.

He has a proper set up to use the Sun the way the house sits and many batteries that store the energy from the solar cells. Luckily due to the vast amounts of Research and Development being put into solar cells they are getting cheaper to make by at least 65% and as much as 50% or more efficient and this finally means that the return on investment makes sense.

Can you imagine no electricity bills and you generate your own power from our Sun? While everyone else is screaming about Climate Change and Global Warming you are sitting pretty running on all that Sun Power. Consider this in 2006.

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